In DataQlick Inventory, you can import Suppliers using csv file.

To do so:
Navigate to Purchases/Supplier page. Click on Import button on upper bar.

Download template of the Import file.

Using a template populate it with your supplier info and make sure to save it in csv format (comma delimited).
Save your CSV file with your supplier’s data somewhere on your computer.

Import your saved file by clicking on Upload File button in a middle of pop up Import window.

You suppliers will be processed into QataQlick

Note: If you have connected QuickBooks account (or Xero account) all your existing suppliers will be transferred into DataQlick automatically.
This info page is about adding suppliers that do not exist in your other connected accounts.

On your Suppliers page, Import button is especially useful for making many changes to your supplier information.
Export your supplier list first, make changes to your CSV file and then you can import updated file back again. Check to see if your CSV file format is correct.

Caution: Do not remove or change numbers in column A (in export) they are unique ID’s for each existing supplier.
For new suppliers you can leave id blank and system will understand that this is a new record and create new supplier.



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