Inventory adjustments are easy to do in DataQlick.

There are 3 ways to update inventory quantities for specific products.

  • Use Edit Product page to change Inventory quantity
  • Use Quick edit under Link View
  • Use bulk CSV Export/Import

Edit Product
Find any product by scrolling through the inventory list or by using the top search window in Product View. Click on the Edit Icon next to the product you want to update.

Enter a new Qty on hand under the Product Info tab.  Click Apply.

Quick Edit

Go to the Link View tab from the main Inventory page.   Select the item you want to modify and click on the quick link to change price or quantity.


Using CSV bulk Import/Export feature.

To make bulk changes to stock quickly, you can use your Inventory CSV export/import feature. This allows you to make changes to a spreadsheet and import them back into DataQlick. When using the CSV files, take care not to adjust any column headers or use any special characters in your data, as these can disrupt the import.

See more about this feature here :



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