There are some additional, optional features you can set up in DataQlick under Settings in the Setup Wizard.

Under the General settings tab, you can customize transaction numbers and custom fields and turn on and off some visibility features.

Transaction numbers

You can enter any Prefix and Starting number you want for each transaction type.  Simply click on the field to edit.  The changes will be save automatically.

Product visibility

You have the option of tracking product expiration dates for your items.  Turning the switch on will trigger a date field on the item level.

You can also choose to show products that have been made “hidden” in your products list.

Custom fields

You can add an unlimited number of custom fields.  These custom fields are used on products only (they can be seen on the Organization tab when you Edit a Product).  You can filter your product view by custom fields.

To add a new custom field, type the name of the custom field in Field Name, then click on the + sign.

To remove a custom field, click on the trash can next to the custom field you want to remove.

Under the Inventory settings tab, you can set your inventory quantity levels to maximize inventory management features in DataQlick and to set specific price tiers (price levels) for products.

Inventory Quantity Level defaults

Reorder point quantity – the reorder point quantity under settings applies to all products.  The default for this field is 1. You can set different reorder quantities for individual items by editing the product separately.

Understock – This number will be determined by the reorder point quantity and will appear on the Product View page as red.

Near reorder – inventory quantities that are higher than the reorder point, but less than the proper level, will appear in the near reorder area of the Product View (yellow).  Set this number at a level that will help you determine which items will need to be ordered in the near future – those that are getting close to your reorder point.  The default number is 12.

Proper levels – this quantity is the optimal inventory level you desire and will be indicated by green in the Product View.  Set this number over the near reorder quantity, but less that the overstock quantity.  The default number is 24.

Overstock – this number, above the proper level, will be indicated by blue in the Product View and will let you know that you have a surplus of this inventory item.


Price Tiers

You can also set price tiers for customers under the Inventory Settings tab.  Price tiers on a product level is done in Edit Product.

To add a new price level, click on the plus sign (+) next to “New tier code”.

Enter a code, name and the percentage of discount for the price tier. The discount will be calculated from the normal selling price of the item. Click Save price tier when you are done.

Under the Users settings tab,  you can invite other users to your DataQlick account.  Currently, all users will be given full access (ADMIN).    You can invite unlimited users.