DataQlick is an inventory management tool, as well as a sales integration app.

DataQlick can be used with or without an accounting system.  If an accounting system is connected, that platform becomes the “Master” channel.   If no accounting system is connected, DataQlick is the “Master” channel.

The most common situation is to use DataQlick to connect one or more sales channels to QuickBooks Online or Xero.

In order for inventory levels to increase and decrease properly, products between the sales channel and the accounting system need to be linked together.

Our setup wizard steps you through this process.

From the Setup Wizard page, click on the blue “Select” button under Link Products.

There are two options for linking products.

Sales Channels Level is used to link, unlink, or create all products between your accounting system and your ecommerce platform.   You can use this option to match products in bulk by SKU/UPC or to have DataQlick create new items in your accounting system.

Individual Products Level is used if there are no matching SKU’s available or to link specific products manually.

Step 1: 

If you have connected both your sales channel and your accounting system, usually you will start by selecting the Sales Channels Level.


Step 2:  

If you already have the same products set up in both your sales channel and your accounting system, you will want to select the Link Products button.

If you have products already set up in your sales channel, but not in your accounting system, you will want to select Create Product in Accounting System.

The next step for either option will be to select the sales channel.


Step 3:  

If you selected Link Products, the next step will be to choose whether you want to link by SKU or by UPC barcode.

If you selected Create Product, the next step will be to choose whether you want to create the items in your Master (either your accounting system or DataQlick if no accounting system) with a zero quantity, or use the quantity from the Sales Channel.


Step 4:

The next step for Link Products,  will show you how many items will be linked because they have matching SKU/UPC.    Click on the blue Link button.

The next step for Create Product will be to configure the way the item will be set up in your accounting system.  Fill in each of the fields under “Set accounting configuration”, then click create.  This will create all the items in your accounting system from the selected sales channel.


Step 5:

This step is a review of what you just did in the product management set up wizard.

For Link Products, you can click on the Next button to link additional sales channels, or click Done to exit the wizard.


Once the products between your accounting system (or DataQlick) and sales channels are linked, sales that come into DataQlick will be processed automatically.

If DataQlick brings in a sale from any platform and an item is not linked, the sale will go into Pending Sync.  See “How do I correct pending sync issues“.