Transactions coming into DataQlick from connected channels that cannot be processed automatically due to an item or tax-related issue, go into the Pending Sync tab.  The issue needs to be corrected and the transaction reprocessed in order to sync to your accounting system.

Go to Sales from the main menu.  Click on the Pending Sync tab.

The labels under Pending actions, will indicate the reason for the link error.  

Items Link Issues

Click on the arrow next to the sales channel icon. This will expand a drop down that will include a Fix Link button.  Click on the Fix link button. Search for or create a new item to link with the item listed in the transaction.  If the item is already linked to an existing item in the accounting system, you can also choose to Re-link the current item to that existing item.

Tax Link Issues

Click on the Invoice number under the Transaction # column.

At the bottom of the Review Transaction page, will be the Tax validation box.  Click on the Edit tax button to match it to an existing tax code or to create a new code in your accounting system.

In the window that pops up, you have two options.  You can search for, then select, an existing tax code, OR you can Review and create a new tax code in QBO.

After making your selection, click on the green Validate button.

Back on the Review Transaction page, click on Link Tax.

You can also choose to Overwrite the sales tax that comes in from the sales channel.

Click OK to save. IMPORTANT: Once the item has been linked, you need to go back to the Pending Sync tab, place a check mark next to the transaction you just linked, and Reprocess the transaction from the side window that will appear.