Click on Sales from the main menu. Select the Invoices tab and click on +New Invoice.

You can also create an invoice by selecting one or more products from the Product View tab under Inventory.   When you click on a box next to the item, a window will appear on the right side of the screen with an option to Buy the selected products or Sell the selected products.  You can only buy and sell products that are in your master channel (usually your accounting system).


Click on the red Sell button and select which sales form you want to create.

Select the customer by searching in the search bar OR add a new customer by clicking on the +ADD NEW button.  Once a customer is selected click next.

A unique invoice number is generated by the system for all new invoices.

Fill in the fields in the top portion of the invoice.

A = Invoice Date (the current date will default)

B = Due Date (you can specify a due date)

C = Customer (the customer you selected appears, but you can click on the pencil icon to change the customer)

D = Shipping address (this defaults with what is in the Contact record, but you can edit it from here)

E = Location (

F = Reference/PO (you can fill in field if the customer provides you with a PO #)

G = Currency (this is the default currency in your accounting system and not changeable unless you do not have an accounting system connected)

H = Tier pricing (you can specify the pricing tier if you have them set up in DataQlick.  Selecting the price tier will automatically adjust the prices for the selected products)

I = Class (you can select a class if you use Class Tracking in your accounting system)

J = Shipping is required

Next, fill out the product (lower) portion of the invoice.




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