Locations can be assigned to invoices created in DataQlick.

If you would like to keep sales separate within Quickbooks Online so you can run P&L and Balance Sheets for each individual location, you can do so by utilizing Locations in DataQlick.

Locations will sync to your QBO account (Plus version only).


Note: If you want to make sure your Locations (and Classes) are processed in QuickBooks Online here are steps you need to follow to setup you QBO PLUS account:


QuickBooks Online help subject:

To turn on and create locations please follow the steps below:

  1. Gear > Company Settings (Account and Settings)
  2. On the Advanced tab
  3. Edit Categories (click on the pencil icon)
  4. Turn on Track locations and Save

This will turn on locations for you so that when you create a transaction you’ll be able to enter the location it goes to.

Next,  create your locations.

  1. Gear > All Lists
  2. Select the Locations lists
  3. Select New in the top right hand corner

This is how you will create all your new locations. You’ll now be able to run a P&L by location as well as several other reports.



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