There are multiple ways to set up a new supplier in DataQlick.

  1. Through the Contact menu, Add New Supplier (individually)
  2. Add new supplier when creating a Purchase Order
  3. Import a supplier list using a .csv file

To add an individual supplier, go to Contact from the main menu.  Click on the New Supplier + button under the Suppliers tab.

Fill out the fields under each of the three tabs, then click Apply.

You can also add a new supplier while creating a Purchase Order.

Click on the Purchasing icon (cart) from the main menu.  Click on New PO (you can create any type of PO).

Click on +ADD NEW.

Fill in the fields and click Save.

You can also import a supplier list using a .csv file.

Click on Contacts from the main menu, then select the Suppliers tab.

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Click on Import and follow the instructions to download the .csv file format you will have to fill out in order to import your suppliers.