Purchase Orders (used to purchase items from vendors/suppliers), can be created using three different methods.

One method is to click on Purchasing in main menu (cart icon), then select the New PO button.  You will have the option to create an Empty PO, an Optimal PO or a Recommended PO.

Recommended PO – the amount needed to bring the quantity up to the Reorder Point based on QOH and quantities on open orders.

Optimal PO – takes the recommended levels into account plus is based on Minimum order quantity set for each product.


The second method is to select the items you want to purchase from the Purchasing View page under Inventory. A right hand window will open with the option to Sell or Buy.  Click on Buy.

The third method is to click on the New PO button under Purchasing View and choose either “Use Cart Items” or “Use recommended”.

Whichever method is used, the next page will be the Create Purchase Order page where you will fill in details such as a PO number, dates, suppliers and products.   The products will be populated for you unless you create an empty PO.

You can save a draft of the PO to finish later, or Create the PO.

If the costs you entered are different than what is in the cost field for the items, a window will pop up asking if you want to update the costs.


Note: Any item on PO can be removed in later stage of PO creation before it will be fully finalized.








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