Click on Bundles (3 boxes icon) from the main menu.

Click on the Create Bundle button.

In the window that comes up, you can either use an existing product as the bundle OR you can create a new bundle.

Select the components that will be included in your bundle and fill in any available fields.

The aggregated cost and aggregated price will help you create the selling price for this bundle.

The new bundle will become its own inventory item that has a quantity associated with it.

When you create an Inventory Bundle in DataQlick, it will create an Inventory Item in QBO.

You need to create an Assembly Order

  • You can use instant assembly to build the Bundle immediately OR create an Assembly Order that will put components in a Whip account until completed.
  • When you create an assembly order – those components will be reduced in both DataQlick and QBO AND the Bundle inventory will increase by the number of assemblies built

If you do NOT create an Assembly Order, when you sell this Inventory Bundle,  you will create negative inventory on hand.

When you sell an Inventory Bundle, only the quantity of the Inventory Bundle will be reduced (since components already reduced when assembled).