New products can be added to DataQlick in a number of ways.

From the setup wizard, if you connect your accounting system,  all the products and services from your accounting system will be synced to DataQlick.    Likewise, when you connect your ecommerce stores, any items in those channels will also be brought into DataQlick.   Those products should then be linked (Link products in the setup wizard) to record sales and purchases properly in your accounting system.

You can also manually add products one at a time or in bulk using a CSV file.

To manually add products, click on the Inventory icon from the main menu (box).

You can select the New Product + button to add an individual item or you can select import under the 3 vertical dots to import bulk products using a CSV file.

When adding individual products, the Product Detail window will appear to enter product details.

When importing products, follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the template, then uploading the completed file.