DataQlick offers a free 14-day trial so you can see exactly how our program works to automate your sales and inventory management between connected sales and accounting platforms.

During that trial period, you can either connect your actual accounts and do a “live” test of all DataQlick features and functions, OR you can preload a demo account and navigate within DataQlick with no impact on your sales channels or accounting system.

After you sign up and login, you will be directed to the Setup Wizard.

If you want to test out DataQlick by connecting your accounts, go through each of the four setup wizards and follow the online instructions.  Help topics are available for each.

If you would rather look at a demo account, click on the “demo account” link.   This will preload inventory items.

NOTE:  You will have to delete the preloaded items before connecting your own accounts through the Ecommerce Store setup wizard.