To create a new supplier

  • Navigate to Purchases/Suppliers page
  • Click on Add Supplier button provided on the top-right corner of the supplier page
  • Provide the appropriate details in the New Contact form.

The contact creation page is split into five major sections such as,

Primary Information section
Tax account number ad Terms
Address section
Notes section

It is the section where all the details as shown below are recorded and stored.

Primary contact first and last name is the main contact to whom all Purchase orders will be sent.
You can add more information about the contact from the contact details page.
Display Name: Provide a unique display name for the customer. Display name is the ONLY required field in customer form.

The company name and the contact display name can be same or different based on your choice.
Email: Enter a valid email ID. All your correspondences with this contact will be directed to this email ID.
Phone: Add work phone and mobile number of your contact here.
Website: Add the website associated with your contact.

Billing and Shipping address is very simple.
By checking “same as billing” checkmark Billing address will be copied over to Shipping.

Note:  remember these address will be used during Invoice order creation.



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