For each inventory item in DataQlick, you can set various price levels.

Under Edit Product, you will set the Selling Price of the item.  This is usually the suggested retail price.   The item can have different selling prices in different sales channels, but you can only edit the selling price for items in your Master Channel.  For sales that are synced and brought in from connected sales channels, the actual selling price will be recorded on the invoice/sales receipt, regardless of what the selling price is in DataQlick.

This price, in the Master Channel, will be used as the beginning price in the Price Tiers to apply any discounts to when creating invoices from DataQlick.

To set the pricing tiers for an item, click on Inventory from the main menu, then click on the Edit icon for the product you want to change under the Product View tab.

You can fill in Purchase cost, Selling price, Special price, Distributor price, Wholesale price and MSRP for each item in your Master Channel.